Erase Your Criminal Record


Expungement Categories 

What Is Eligible For Expungement?

 There are at least 14 kinds of expungements in Oklahoma and one or two in the U.S. Federal District Courts. We can determine which expungement works best for you. 

deferred Misdemeanor or felony Expungement

Did you receive a deferred sentence in Oklahoma? We can easily expunge your deferred felony or misdemeanor plea or charge. Click here to learn more about expunging deferred sentences.

Pardons for Felony convictions

A felony conviction can be pardoned and then expunged. A felony conviction does not have to remain on your record forever. Find out how a pardon works. 

SEX OFFENSE Expungements

A sex offense can cause you immeasurable difficulties. Your eligibility may depend on the year of conviction. Click here to learn how we can help expunge sex offenses

suspended sentence or conviction Expungements

A felony or misdemeanor conviction does not mean the end of the world. Did you have a: Misdemeanor Conviction, a Felony Conviction, or Two Felony Convictions?

protective order Expungement

A protective order can ruin your military career or cause chaos during a divorce or in domestic proceedings. Protective orders are eligible for expungement, find out more here. 


Because it was an arrest, the municipal arrest you received in a small town will show up on your arrest record. Fortunately, we can expunge your municipal arrest record. Click here for more

Juvenile or Youthful Offender offense Expungements

Is a juvenile record keeping you from obtaining a military security clearance or hindering you from finding a job? Take a moment to learn more about expunging an Oklahoma youthful offender case.

Administrative Action Expungements

Did you receive a DUI? Chances are there was an administrative appeal required to reinstate your license. This will appear on OSCN and will indicate you received a DUI. We can expunge this too. 

Expunge Your Acquittal

A "not guilty" win at trial makes you eligible for expungement which can clear your arrest and the result. We can strip the case off of OSCN or ODCR as well. Learn more here. 

Under 18 Years Old

If you received a felony conviction when you were under 18 years old, you are eligible for expungement.  You may require a pardon before you may become eligible. Here is our page for more information. 

Actual innocence

It rarely happens but sometimes justice is not served, and the Governor of Oklahoma pardons someone to make amends on behalf of the State. Here is how we can expunge your charges. 


If you were arrested but then nothing happened, it might be a blessing and a curse. Even if the state filed no charges, the arrest might still be on your record. Here is an explanation as to why. 

Factual Innocence Through DNA

Any conviction overturned through DNA will make you eligible for an expungement. Find out why the State of Oklahoma makes you eligible for expungement here.

Expunge Your Appeal

If you were convicted or entered a plea of guilty and later had it overturned on appeal you are eligible for an expungement. We can expunge the record at the district court and appellate court levels. 

Expunge Your Federal OFfense

There very limited circumstances that allow expungement of a charge in federal court. It is limited to a first-time drug offense, when under age 21, and charged only with simple possession of CDS.  There are some other limited, but unusual situations. Because federal expungements are extremely limited, hire lawyers who are familiar with federal court.  Call to see if we can expunge your federal offense under limited circumstances. 

Our Oklahoma Expungement law firm is standing by today

Our Oklahoma Expungement law firm is standing by today