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Our latest victories and things you should know. 

Expunged - 2004 - Domestic Abuse, Resisting Arrest from a Police Officer, and Violation of a Protective Order - Comanche County

A Comanche County expungement of three different counts. Call us in and around Oklahoma City at (405) 232-0000 or in and around Tulsa at (918) 409-0417 or at

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Weekend Edition - The Brownie Lady

Ever wonder who came up with the idea for pot brownies? The Weekend Edition goes into where they came from and how they got so popular. If you've been arrested for a drug crime in Oklahoma, our team of experienced Oklahoma Expungement Lawyers can help. Call Clint James in Tulsa at (918) 409-0417 and Bob Wyatt in OKC at (405) 232-0000. #oklahoma #okc #tulsa #oklahomacity

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