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Mistaken Identity

Someone Else used Your Name

Expunging a Mistaken Identity Arrest

If you have a name that is shared with a lot of other people or if circumstances have somehow occurred to where an arrest that never occurred to you is on your record, we can help. Your identity may have also been stolen and/or your social security number was compromised.  Maybe even a family member or trusted friend used your name when arrested. Mistaken identity arrests happen more often than you would think, but the can be expunged. 

It is also possible that there is an active arrest warrant for someone who shares your name.  You may need an "identity passport" to avoid future arrests.  We can help you. 

We will work with you to provide sufficient evidence to the Court and to the State to show that the arrest on your record is a result of a mistaken identity. 


Your expungement will be done on a flat fee with the price in writing. No surprises, we want you to be able to clear your record without wrecking your budget. 

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Identity Theft Expungement

Identity Theft Expungement