Erase Your Criminal Record

Non-Violent Felony Conviction or Suspended Sentence

Felony Probation or Jail Time

Expunge a Non-Violent Felony Conviction or Suspended Sentence

Don’t let a felony conviction hold you back anymore. We can help get your felony convictions off of your background check and free you from your past! 

Suspended sentences and prison terms for non-violent offenses are “convictions” which may qualify for Oklahoma expungement under Section 18.  The new law (November 1, 2016) changes the time required to wait to seek expungement.

Expungement of A Non-Violent Felony Conviction or Suspended Sentence

If you were convicted of a non-violent felony offense and have received a full pardon from the Governor of Oklahoma, have not been convicted of any other felony, or a misdemeanor in the last 15 years, have no charges pending, and ten (10) years have passed since the end of the felony conviction, you may be eligible for an expungement. 

If we successfully expunge your record, your arrest record and court file will be expunged and no longer available for public inspection.  In job or college applications and other pursuits, you may lawfully state that “this never happened” or you may lawfully omit disclosure of the event.  Expungement causes the event to be treated as null and void – as if it never happened.

Check here to see if your conviction was for a violent or non-violent felony. 


We charge a “flat” or “fixed” fee for most of the 14 different types of Section 18 expungements. We also charge a flat fee for pardons and are able to draft your pardon application to help catch the eye of each pardon and parole board member. 

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